Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Club Elections

Online voting for current club members in good standing.

Membership (Bylaws)

From the Club Bylaws



Section 1.  Active membership shall consist of those persons who have completed an application form and have paid the annual dues either online through the C4 website or in person. To be in “Good Standing”, a member must have all dues current and paid in full, not be indebted to C4 in any amount, not be pending any action for termination of membership and have been a current member for a minimum of 30 days in the current membership period.

Club Online Election Ballot

Online voting will be available from October 27th until 5:00 pm on November 3rd.

Election of C4 officers will take place at the board meeting Monday, November 5th. The positions are President, VP, Treasurer, and Secretary. The responsibilities of each office are listed on the C4 web page. Tap Info, Tap Documents, tap Bylaws, scroll to Article 5. On-line voting is setup here for your convenience, or you can attend the club meeting November 5th and vote at that time. Thanks you all! Ride safe!

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