RSVP Attendee List


C4 Holiday Dinner Sign Up Sheet

Hey all, we are asking that you please RSVP to Robert ( with how many people you plan on bringing and what your choices are for the covered dish. The earlier you let him know the better choices for dishes. The suggested list is below. If their ends up duplicate items where no duplicates are needed, Robert will email you back so you can choose another option. Location: The AIT Building in downtown Fayetteville near Hay Street.

Cost is $10 per person for current C4 members and $15.00 per non-member guest. Robert has created an online purchase for "Tickets". We encourage everyone to pay in advance so we can ensure we have the right amount of meat and other items.

Deadline for online RSVP is December 1st.

C4 will be providing some beer, wine, soda, water, and the meat entree (pulled pork and chicken) as well as all necessary utensils. 

Category Suggestions Who is Bringing # Attending How Paid 
Adult beverages (Some wine and beer will be provide by C4) Bring your own    
  Sweet Tea Victor Grindstaff C4 Store 
  Hot Spiced Cider & Red fire roasted pecker herbal hummus  Bob & Tish  Check 
Finger Food Black Bean Dip & Chips  Mike Thomas C4 Store 
  Pretzels, Ranch Dip, Humus
  Tortilla Chips & Salsa and Cheese Tray  Heather & Rich Barbaro C4 Store 
  Mexican food chili con carne & bean burritos with chips & salsa      
  Cheese Tray       
  Pita Chips & Humus   Sarah Kraxberger  Check
Salads & Sides Nacho Pie      
  Potato Salad      
  Multi-Bean Salad      
  Cole Slaw      
  Baked Beans  Michelle Conn C4 Store 
  Vege Dish  George Hatcher C4 Store 
  Fruit Trays  Shelly Whitehurst C4 Store 
  Pasta Salad  Nicholas Dickson C4 Store 
  Mexican food chili con carne & bean burritos with chips & salsa  Victor Medina  C4 Store 
  Green Bean Casserole Terry Slack  C4 Store 
  Yams (with marshmellows and stuff)      
  Sweet Potato Casserole Julie Biddix  Check at Hawley's 
  Broccoli Salad Steve Watson  Check to Bob 
  Mac & Cheese and some Brownies  Scott McGuire  Check at Hawley's 
  Asian Salad      
  Broccoli Casserole      
  Baked Mac and Cheese      
Desserts Key Lime Pie      
  Chocolate Pie & Sweet Tea Bill Gratton C4 Store 
  Apple Pies Keith Krist  Bringing Check 
  Pumpkin Pies      
  Pecan Pie      
  Peach Cobbler      
  Brownies Tracy Payne   Check at Hawley's 
  Oreo Balls      
  Cheese Cake & Cookie Tray      
   Jello Cranberry Dish      
  Other dessert  Michael Roberts  Bringing Check 
  Cheese Cake & Sangria Gamelier Lozada   C4 Store
   Others that have indicated attendance but no other info (payment, dish bringing,
 number and names of guests) has been provided. Once info is received I will plug
 those below into the list above.
   Matt Blashfield
   Angie Fried
    Angie Tabb  Cash at Hawley's 
Total 33  



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