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Cross Creek Cycling Club-C4
Established 2003
Club ID: 10346
Affiliation: Club/Team
Sponsored: Yes

Meeting Info -- Meetings are normally at 7:00 pm on the first Monday of each month in the Hilton Garden Inn located at 4025 Sycamore Dairy Road, Fayetteville, NC 28303 (click for directions). Download and print the Agenda which is located here (but check back for updates). Minutes for all meetings are located here.  Please see our event calendar and the homepage for any updates or changes to the normal schedule.

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Ride Guidelines and Rules are available here. We ask that you please review these if you are new to the club or interested in riding with us.

Cross Creek Cycling Club
P.O. Box 53039
Fayetteville, NC 28305

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Club Ride Participation Waiver

Published on Monday, January 1, 2018

Club Ride Participation Waiver

Over the years, many have heard about the unfortunate accidents in club rides. There are also the lesser known issues of lawsuits being brought against other riders and the cycling clubs that are hosting the rides or training events. Usually this involves riders who have little or no experience in a club or group/bunch riding environment. The riders themselves may even have a lot of experience riding by themselves.

As a club that has been in existence for a long time, we are taking steps to protect our members, club officers, the club as an organization, and USA Cycling as the national governing body. We have instituted (all clubs should consider this as well) a ride/activity participation waiver. Agreeing to and either submitting online or printing and wet-signing a hard copy of this waiver is now required for anyone who is not a current member of the club to participate in club rides or other riding activities. The current version is valid for the ride specified by date.

Club officer and other designees will will have membership rosters and will ask riders to verify their membership status. Please know that there is nothing personal and no malicious intentions directed to anyone, member or not. We require the following of non-members to ride with us:

  • Link to the online waiver form
  • Link to Downloadable & Fillable PDF Form
  • If you are not a member, you will be asked to fill out & sign a blank copy or submit the online version before being allowed to participate in the ride.
  • To be a valid waiver you must provide all of the requested information.
  • If under the age of 18, you must have a parent or legal (court appointed) guardian complete and sign the waiver.
  • Listen to other members who may provide suggestions or corrective actions needed to make you a safer rider in the group.
  • If your actions or riding is deemed unsafe, you will be asked to move to the back of the group and to stay out of the rotation.
  • If you refuse or otherwise do not make the necessary corrective actions, you will be asked to remove yourself out of the group.
  • Everyone should read our Ride Guidelines before participating in any of our group rides.
  • If you have never ridden in a group before, you are encouraged to ride at the back of the group and observe how the group dynamic works. As you become more comfortable you can begin to move into the rotation.
  • Again, please know that none of this is directed as a personal attack against you or your riding ability. We are only looking out for your safety and the safety of the other riders.

If you have questions, please direct them to the club president and administrator Robert Havens

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